Web & Graphic Design for Bloggers & Small Businesses
Web & Graphic Designer
let's be on a first name basis.
I'm Kaitlin, but everyone calls me Kait. I'm a wife to a really handsome airline pilot and a mom to an adorable little three year old boy. I currently reside in the New Orleans area and am a full-time web and graphic designer. When I'm not diving head-first into a new website design on Shopify or taking flatlay photos, you can find me in the gym, traveling with my family, drinking wine and watching our favorite netflix shows, or on the lakefront enjoying the gorgeous views God gave us. I jokingly coined our family a circus because we've moved eight times in six years. Hey, welcome to the pilot life! We're currently planting our roots back home in Louisiana and are making one heck of a bucket list to fuel our travel bug. I'm faithful in my religion, I love my family & red wine, and I really really love marine life.
Who I work with
My current client list includes boutiques, fashion & lifestyle bloggers, beauty bloggers, youtubers, photographers, clothing designers & wholesalers, bakeries & diners, military nonprofits, clothing stylists, & hair stylists. So you could say my area is vast & wide, but I prefer to work with femininely-aligned businesses.
Ever since I was 16, I’ve had a passion for working closely with other people. I don’t think I’ve ever found someone I wasn’t excited about meeting. No one is a stranger in my book.


I'm a dedicated, hard-working, & passionate designer. I love to get to know my clients on a more personal basis to see the ins and outs of their business. Whether you're just now beginning this entrepreneurial journey or you've been going through it for ten years, I've been there. I enjoy keeping up with my clients through the months & years, sharing their big moments with them & cheering them on from the sidelines. I pride myself in being there for my clients whether we've just started our partnership or it's been years since we've worked together. When you're my client, I don't refer to your by your business name. Rather, I refer to you by your first name because I feel like your business becomes to my business, your passion becomes mine. And your success is at the forefront of my mind. Heck, even my husband knows exactly who I'm talking about when I drop a first name!