Five Things to Know Before Opening a Boutique

Working in retail takes somewhat of a thick skin. Retail is a beast of its own, always demanding & not giving back for years. It's like that friend who constantly takes, takes, takes, but only gives once they feel ever so inclined to do so. The true passion is what fuels you to not give up through those first few years of finding where you stand.

Working in the design department with retailers, I don't have to feel those things - but oh, I have felt them before. I design & develop websites & collateral for retailers but there was a time that I owned my own boutique and the sting is real. We did really well our first year, but it always felt like nothing was enough - no amount of investment was enough, no amount of hours put in were ever enough, your competition couldn't copy you enough. My store was like this beast that stood over me all night but yet lovingly drove me forward. It was a passion like no other and when you're in retail, you understand what I mean. You can't live with it, can't live without it.

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