Shopify SEO: Part 1


When I turn over a website into my clients' hands, I always can feel their worries creep up before launch. If you've never had a website for your business, it can be a little terrifying learning all the little things here and there that you need to be on top of your game.

Search Engine Optimization has been THE biggest learning curve for so many of my clients, and I get that - I really do, which is why I send them off with a full video breaking the SEO process down for them. In order to simplify it, I go through each step.

Let's all take a deep breath and breathe a sigh of relief because today and the rest of this week..I'm sharing my tips with you!

Note that this is for Shopify exclusively, as I design the majority of my clients' sites on that platform. However, a lot of the lingo and practices apply to other platforms, only in different areas of those sites. If you'r'e having an issue finding these areas on WP or Squarespace - shoot me an email.

So, let's begin with the basics. Doing each of these steps EVERY TIME you add a product, page, or image to your site will ultimately assist you in the long run with being indexed by Google.

Today, we're focusing on your product page!


STEP 1: Your title should be optimized with keywords that describe the product but should be no longer than 6 words. Think about how YOU search for items using Google. What words do you search for? Whether you name them cutesy names or specific descriptive titles is an entirely personal preference; however, should you choose to name your product something cute like a girls name - make sure you describe your product perfectly in your description! 

Two great websites to help you plan keywords are UberSuggest & Google Keywords!!

STEP 2: Your description is where you have full reign of not only owning your keywords but telling your customers WHY they need your product. Most of my clients never even think to link back to other products, either, which can up your ADS & UPT by magnitudes! You want to make sure you describe your product perfectly, for example:

"This gorgeous plaid blanket scarf is the perfect look for Christmas cards this year! Pair with our Samantha Fringe Booties for a head-turning look."

See what I did there? I not only threw out the keywords "plaid, blanket, scarf," I also added "Christmas Cards" to hit those who are searching for photoshoot outfits for said cards. I even linked back to a separate item they could pair with it! Boom!

STEP 3: Your images are another simple way you can add a little finesse to your SEO gameplan.  Your ALT Text can do TWO THINGS: it shows up for customers if there is a glitch and the image doesn't show AND it serves as a translator for google and other search engines to more accurately describe your image. Now, Google has gotten better with this but adding your ALT Text is a no-fail solution. My trick is to download the free app "SEO Image Booster" to ensure your images all have ALT text without doing any extra work. Just click "SYNC images" in the app preferences and you're good to go. To access your ALT text, hover over the image and click ALT.

(See below image for reference.)

STEP 4: Your Meta Description is what your customers will see when they find you via Google. Anything you type in your product description will automatically generate in your meta description; however, anything you type in your Meta Description will not alter the product description.

So, if you type out your product description and find that the best keywords aren't showing in your Meta Description, don't change your product description, just alter the Meta Description to your liking. With only 160 characters available, your Meta Description should hold the main keywords that describe your product - no sizing details, fabric details, etc. Think prime keywords like "plaid, blanket scarf, fringe booties" etc. Anything that accurately describes the item and that your customers would be searching for. 

You can generate your own Meta Description WITHOUT a product description. If you so choose to have no product description, just scroll down and click "Edit Website Seo" by Meta Description (very bottom) and edit to your liking.

Stay tuned or sign up for my newsletter below to see the rest of my SEO practices throughout this week! Tomorrow, we'll be going through pages, blog posts, & more. 

Did this help? Leave a comment below to let me know if you'd like to see more like this!