Shopify SEO: Part 3


Alright friends, were on DAY THREE of the Shopify SEO Series and I'm LOVING all of the emails I'm getting. Helping small business owners & bloggers is a HUGE passion of mine. I want you all to feel super confident everyday when you start working on your entrepreneurial dreams. 

Every time you learn another small step in owning your business, you can feel your confidence sky rocket. Am I right? Don't you love that?

So, remember Day 1 & 2? We chatted about product page SEO & the page area SEO. Now, we're going to dive into blog posts on the Shopify platform. 

Now, you'll notice TONS of similarities to days 1 & 2 but I'm going to teach you how adding blog posts will help even more and NEW tricks that are specific to the blog area. 

Ready? LETS DO THIS!!!


Let me begin by saying, all of the images I used today on my samples are courtesy of Amber Filler up! She's super amazing and I have always adored her.

Step 1: The title! As with any other area on your site, the title should have keywords but also be informative enough to let people know what your post is about BEFORE they ever click on it. Let's avoid all "click bait" (ie: wanna know something great....?" Let your reader know EXACTLY what the post is about. If you're discussing new fall trends, your title should read "Fall Trends You NEED!" Easy enough, right? YES! 

Step 2: The main content is your golden ticket here. We want to make sure we are following all of the proper grammar formats, of course, but we need to capitalize on WIDELY GOOGLED CONTENT. 

So, what did you google today that could relate to your shop? Let's say, for example, I sell clothing. Now, I'm also REALLYYYY into fashion bloggers, like I'm obsessed. I usually google something like "Amber Fillerup thanksgiving outfit" for inspiration last minute. Now, Amber Fillerup has like 3 million followers on Insta (omg, right?) so we know she's being googled A LOT. Even a quick Pinterest search will show you she's kind of a big deal. You could even really love celebrities and that would be a great way to use someone as outfit inspo.

So, let's say for example I'm going to write a post about Amber Fillerup's super cute denim jacket post & how it inspired me for the fall.

But, here's the thing: you aren't JUST helping yourself. Google REALLY loves to see how popular you are. By getting a link outside of your website to direct back to you, it sees you as a higher influence. You're potentially helping those bloggers, too. More on this in a second...

But heed my advice: DO NOT USE IMAGES WITHOUT SOURCING THAT IMAGE. Not only is it stealing, but it's also totally unfair. You should always source and give credit where credit is due. I'm all about supporting my fellow blogger & business owner, not stealing. 

So my blog post here reads: Thanksgiving Outfit Inspo which hits on three major keywords you're going to be seeing googled often throughout the next week. I include all of the amazing blogger(s) with credit to their blog as well. 

TIP: Try adding similar items from your store so others who love the look can shop a similar look on your site. Make sure to link it!

Step 3: Images should always be optimized! If you read Day 1 of the SEO Series, you know all about my favorite ALT text app. Now, if you don't want to download it - that's totally fine, no judgement. But you'll need to add your ALT text manually to ensure Google can reference your images. If you add an image into your post (and you totally should) make sure that you always add an ALT description (see image below).


Keep it neat & clean, to the point, but descriptive. Then, once the image has been inserted, make sure the image is LINKED to the site of the person you are crediting for the image & add a credit DIRECTLY under the image.

For example: "Image via / Credit: Amber Fillerup" This is crucial. It's respectful. It's NECESSARY!

STEP 4: The Meta Description will always be something that can NEVER be overlooked. Take a peek at the two examples below. Notice on Example 1, my Meta Description was automatically generated by what I was typing into the content but we all know it could be better. I'd realistically like to have the blogger's website in there and a few other keywords - this will also assist in the blogger or source finding us and knowing that we did use their image (I'm not about being sneaky!) In Example 2, you'll notice I updated the Meta to better show the best keywords to ensure being indexed better but also to give my readers who find me via google a better idea of what this blog post is all about.

So WHY do you need to be using the Shopify blog area? Because it's just one more SUPER simple way to get indexed by Google. Because why would you not want to take advantage of that? If time constraints are your answer to never writing a post, think again: this will only take you a max of 15 minutes once you've gotten it nailed down. 

I always recommend my clients batch write blog posts on their slowest days and schedule them for throughout the month. In the end, you won't even miss that hour or so you spent doing so. It's worth!

Oh, and let's not forget it'll give you ONE more thing you can post about on social media. Don't you hate running out of post-worthy images & content? Me too!


Click the link below to download a quick guide and a fun freebie to help you find guest bloggers!