5 Things I'm Thankful for as a Freelancer

With Thanksgiving literally being tomorrow, I thought I would share something I'm really thankful for. Being a business owner can teach you a lot about yourself, both good and bad. The past year has been a whirlwind of growth & change and I can attest that has always been for the better. I am so thankful that I have the world's most supportive friends & family that are always cheering me on.

Not to mention my husband who jokingly says "YOU'RE FAMOUS!!!" just to annoy me when something happens on Instagram."

When I decided to start web & graphic design, my sweet husband went out with his bonus and bought me the best computer he could find. When I needed to travel more, my family surprised me with a new laptop. Support has been so unbelievable. So with that, I wanted to share what I've learned and why I'm thankful for five things within my business.

What I'm Thankful for as a freelance web & graphic designer


A M A Z I N G   C L I E N  T S

When I first began my business, I had a few clients here & then. I would hear HORROR stories about clients from left & right about everything from contract negotiations to launch disasters. Just hearing the stories literally freaked me out. I spent the first few months TERRIFIED to send out website design quotes for fear of being rejected.

So far, I've never been rejected and I have not had ONE single disaster relationship with a client. I know that going into business as a freelancer is SO scary because it's so uncertain but I have to thank my clients. Whether you're a small business/boutique owner, nonprofit, or a fashion blogger, I am so grateful for each and every one of you. I have loved EVERY person I have been blessed enough to work with in the past year. I've met so many new faces & have truly been BLESSED by each of you and your businesses. I've learned with you, had my heart broken along with you when you lost a loved one, and have celebrated your successes with you. You are my family.


YALL. Being a part of the Shopify team is such a gift. I have to give a shoutout to my account manager Caitlin, who is super stinking sweet & always helpful. Just being a part of a team (although virtually) is so amazing. If myself or a client needs help, they're there IMMEDIATELY. I am always pushing them for their platform of awesomeness but I have never had one issue. I am SO THANKFUL to be able to have a whole team that backs my business and my clients as well. SHOPIFY IS THE BOMB!

S U P P O R T I V E   F R I E N D S

I think the best thing I could've done for my business was to join two groups on Facebook: Being Boss & Blog and Biz BFFs! I have met such an incredible group of freelancers and business owners and I am so thankful for their support. These men & women share their insight, their struggles, and their wins. I absolutely have enjoyed being a part of this group, not only to help teach but to learn from others who are in the same boat as me. There is nothing better than having a support group who backs you & is there to chat with you to brainstorm new ventures. As a business owner, you learn that NONE of your close friends will understand one thing about your business. No one in my group of friends or family understands what web design or graphic design truly is, and that's totally fine with me. I've learned to lightly lean on those who do understand, so that we can support one another as much as possible. We're all in this together!

L E S S O N S   L E A R N E D

You might think I'm crazy but if you know me, you know I don't hold grudges or get angered easily. I have to say that 2016 has taught me a lot of things, and I've definitely learned that not everyone will be for you. While I have met TONS of supportive new friends that are for me, I've also met quite a few people who weren't in my corner. For that, I am thankful. It has taught me that not everyone has the best intentions, not everyone will want the best for you. Not everyone means well when they blatantly steal your ideas and that is okay. I like to take my lessons as just that: lessons. You live & you learn, right? I know I'm not the only one because everyone in business has learned this lesson the hard way. I am SO THANKFUL to have learned this, I truly am. It makes you appreciate those even more who can hold your precious ideas and never do anything with them, those who have your back & always are there.

L I F E   I S   S H O R T

I am always learning something new to further my business but also because I am a firm believer that life is too, too short. Last year, I knew that if I waited any longer to fulfill my true dreams of doing what I love, creating beautiful designs for businesses & bloggers, I would regret it. So, with no clients, I dove in. I've taught myself HTML/CSS, Photoshop & Illustrator, four different platforms, Shopify's Liquid HTML/CSS, design & branding..but now I've got HUGE THINGS coming for 2017 and I can't wait to share it. I am thankful for the idea of a short life to push me to fulfill every dream.

Whether you're a client of mine or just a friend, I AM SO THANKFUL FOR YOU. I truly appreciate your support, love, & friendship in 2016 and I hope you all have a blessed Thanksgiving.

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