SHOPIFY: How to add a dropdown menu

Shopify: How to add a dropdown menu (+ a video tutorial!) | Web Design & Branding

Some of the simplest things can be a little complicated at first, am I right? Something I hear a lot of Shopify customers having issues with is one of the things you need the most: dropdown menus.

Before you see how it works, it sounds incredibly complicated. BUT, once you watch the video'll never go back to being confused.

Adding dropdown menus has to be the easiest thing in the world but you want to make sure you have two things:

1: Make sure you already have your primary menu, the one you'll see before ever hovering over anything. Most stores read "new arrivals, tops, bottoms, shoes, etc".

2: You'll need to make sure the collection that you're dropping down into exists. So if you're making the "tops" button on the primary menu drop down to "tanks", you'll want to make sure you have a collection labeled "tanks" so that you can organize accordingly. 

The entire reason FOR a dropdown menu is to organize products into more categories for easier navigation, so make sure you're actually doing just that by not over-cluttering your dropdown & doing your best to make it simpler for customers, not more difficult.

Your primary menu should be clean & show an overall idea of what categories of products you offer (tops, bottoms, apparel, shoes) and your dropdown menu should help others be more specific about what TYPE of product (tanks, tees, shorts, denim, heels, booties, etc). 

Watch the video below & tap that heart at the bottom if it helps! Leave me a comment if you have ANY questions!

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