Mother's Day: Favorite Sales Strategies

If you aren't taking advantage of holidays to clear out merchandise, you seriously oughta rethink your strategy. Every holiday, not just Christmas, is a great opportunity to get old merchandise moving with a sale or an enticing offer. 

With Mother's Day around the corner (literally) I thought I'd throw out some of my favorite promotions & ideas that would be perfect for the occasion. 

10-20% OFF

Percentages off usually do the trick, but I try not to overdo it. When Mother's Day hits, you're pulling all of your newest merchandise out for spring & summer and, when you mark your merchandise to over 20% off, you may be cutting into the profit from the newer items. If you're going to offer a higher percentage off, I highly suggest it being on select items that you're trying to push out the door.


Buy one, get one is always a huge sales pusher from my previous experience! Remember what people purchase for Mother's Day, it's always gift items. Rarely do customers purchase apparel items unless they're super special and geared towards their moms. BOGO candles, gift items, and accessories + jewelry are always a great idea.


Do you take advantage of your subscribers? You should be sending out at least one email per week to let your customers + clients know what's going on with you and your business and if you've got any sort of new arrival or promotion they should know about. Over 30% of your traffic can come from newsletters alone! One way to get your customers' attention that I especially loved that Restored 316 & RiffRAFF took advantage of was a surprise Starbucks gift card. They basically bought the gift card & photoshopped the barcode into an email or an Instagram image and let their customers know the amount that was on it and that they could use it all up. Once the card had reached its limit, it was done for. I thought that was SUCH a spectacular way to surprise your supporters. Think about doing this for Mother's Day! 


I've seen different businesses offer a Mother's Day Brunch from 9AM-11AM where they could snack on doughnuts & different little treats and sip on mimosas while they shop. Think of it as the usual Sip & Shop event but in the morning right after most moms drop their children off for school or daycare. Obviously, other people can join in but you can advertise it for moms especially! You can also open up early on Mother's Day to offer coffee + doughnuts. What mom would turn that down? Not I.


I'm all about volunteering. Just because you're not directly pushing a sale on your customer, doesn't mean you can't show them what means the most to you. Ask your staff to volunteer with you for Mother's Day, possibly a few days before the big day, at a local domestic abuse shelter or at a children's home. TIP: Have a clothing drive for the local mothers who are in a domestic abuse shelter. Ask your customers to bring in anything a woman could use: clothing, hair products, body care, job essentials, etc and give them a percentage off for donating items. Then, take plenty of pictures to share with your customers on social media of you and your staff donating the clothes to the shelter. Write mother's day cards to those women, they'll appreciate the thought during a hard time in their lives.


Need something to say on social media to get them to donate? Try this: "We want to show the love for moms this Mother's Day but we also love giving back. We're offering 15% off all purchases for those who donate an item for us to take to the Domestic Abuse Shelter. Items can include clothing, hair & body care items, unused makeup, and any essentials to aid in their job search."



Why not treat a few of your customers to a spa day? Host a giveaway for moms on social media to win a spa day or even a goodie bag with merchandise from your business. I suggest ending the giveaway ON Mother's Day to really make them feel special. Everyone can enter, too! After all, they may be able to gift their own moms with the package. Leave a hand written Happy Mother's Day card in the package with your business info so they know where it came from.


Yeah, it's always good to give goodies from your own business but why not partner up with other local entrepreneurs? 

  • FLORIST: a floral arrangement
  • HAIR STYLIST: a treatment, haircut, or just a styling session
  • LOCAL SPA: a facial, mani/pedi session, or even a massage
  • LOCAL BAKERY: cakes, pies, & cupcakes for mom
  • GIFT SHOP: handmade soaps & other bath items to relax
  • LOCAL COFFEE SHOP: a gift card or even her favorite brew!


I always love little surprises here and there just as a thank you. Keep a few dozen roses in your office or store for Mother's Day to hand out to moms. Decorate your windows with a really cute Mother's Day "thank you" note written on them. You can even get customers to write why they love their moms on your windows to entirely decorate them (you should totally Instagram that!) 

So, tell me! What is your favorite promo for holidays that you either love to offer or shop for yourself? You can also find me on Instagram!

Kaitlin Fontenot