Selling on Instagram with Shopify

Shoppable Instagram Posts with Shopify

If being in the marketing & design field has taught me anything in the past year, it's how quickly the world & technology evolves.

I remember when AOL was the main priority & we all had dial up internet. My parents bought our first laptop and my youngest brother and I would spend hours meeting people online in chatrooms - which was so not safe but we didn't know any better at the time. The internet wasn't what it is now, that's for sure. We believed in print ads, billboards, and word-of-mouth. AIM & Myspace were our social media.

And now, with social media becoming the mass-marketing tool that it is, we definitely can't ignore it. All of my clients market themselves solely on social media, and for good reason. The majority of markets are online these days, they aren't paying attention to print ads and magazines half as much as they used to. Now, more than ever, it's crucial to be online and be seen on social media.

And yes, has Instagram changed? Of course it has. Can you imagine if we had never evolved from AIM & MySpace? Wow. All marketing platforms needs to change & evolve to continue to be relevant to our needs in today's and tomorrow's society. We mustn't shy away from change, we need to show up & not give up. Be heard, share your story, & share your products.

For the last few months, my clients have been emailing me begging me to help them set up a shoppable Instagram account and, since that's something we've got no control over, we had to kindly sit back and wait for Instagram to do its thing.

And now, it looks like that day has finally come! Instagram is now partnering with Shopify for select stores to showcase their products directly on their feed.

 Image via Shopify

Image via Shopify

So, what does this mean for your business? It means a revolution. It means direct shopping for your customers without the hassle of additional pages or strange links in your bio. It means sales, it means we're evolving. And, if you aren't using Instagram to its full potential, it means you're about to experience a massive shift.

Your customers want shopping to be an easy. So, make it easy. Finding your product should be anything but difficult.

Here's a step by step tutorial on how to get set up:

1: Login to your shopify dashboard and look for the area below:

shoppable shopify instagram posts

2: Click "Set Up Your Business Profile": Shopify will walk you through the steps!

You'll want to make sure your Instagram account is set to a business profile. To do so, you'll need a facebook page for your business and then to connect that facebook page to your Instagram profile. Then, in your Instagram settings click "Switch to Business." Instagram will then walk you through the necessary steps!

That's it - so simple! And, when you're accepted to be one of the first to use this amazing feature, you'll be notified on your dashboard & via email - so pay close attention. How exciting will it be if your business is chosen before Black Friday & Cyber Monday? 

TIP: Preplan Instagram content for the holidays just incase your business is chosen last minute. that way, you'll have a game plan in order & won't feel like you're scrambling for content to share.