FREE Instagram Moodboard Templates

Free Instagram Moodboard Templates

If I had a dollar for everytime someone asked me how to create a moodboard, I'd be R I C H!

For me, moodboards have been essential to keeping on brand for both myself and my clients. But, what is a moodboard exactly? If you aren't sure, it's okay - you aren't left out.

Allow me to explain:

A moodboard is a carefully curated board filled with inspiration and other items to help keep you on-brand for social media and your overall web & business experience. For example, my moodboard consists of my brand colors (black, blush, gold, white, & mint) and various images & fonts that I feel represent LK Design Studio to the max.

So, what do they do?

1. They help keep you on brand. Moodboards are a must-have and I promise you they certainly do help you to keep your brand consistent throughout all platforms. With the whole "Instagram Grid" obsession being such a large factor in branding these days, it's easy to post an image thinking it'll look fantastic then notice it sticks out like a sore thumb after the fact. For this reason, I always tell my clients to ask themselves if the image they're about to post online or on their website looks like it would fit into their moodboard. If not, it's best to find a new image!

2. They inspire not only me, but those around me. If I'm feeling like I'm in a design funk or generally in a bad mood, I find designing a moodboard can give me back my creative spark. Weird? Maybe...but do a quick search for moodboard on Pinterest & you'll see I'm not the only one. HUNDREDS upon thousands of creatives are utilizing this simple tool to keep their brands and their clients' brands on track.

3. They give my followers an idea of my design style and allow me to try new things. Which means I can truly see what my followers & clients are loving. For example, I really love adding textures & fun paint splatters to my moodboards. If I see my followers are truly responding to that, it helps me know which direction to take my brand. Feminine colors & paint splatters are seen throughout my images and I truly love what it entails: a true creative at heart in love with the passion of designing art. (did not mean to rhyme, but hey!)

And since I know so many of you love a new moodboard that hasn't been shared a bajillion times (is that even a word?), I wanted to share a freebie of THREE unique (meaning I designed them!) moodboard templates. These templates are editable in Photoshop & are 1800 x 1800 pixels, which means they're perfect for Instagram! 

Feel free to use these on your projects but I kindly ask that you do not redistribute. See you for #moodboardmonday, friend!