Home Decor Struggles & Wishlist

Abby Capalbo's home is my inspo! VIA GLITTER GUIDE 

Abby Capalbo's home is my inspo! VIA GLITTER GUIDE 

I'm not newbie when it comes to moving. We've moved 6 times in the past four years. I mean, I'm extremely comfortable with it now and I am a pro mover (haha) but decorating has become a pure headache. 

Before we moved to where we are currently (south Alabama), we lived in Lafayette, Louisiana and had bought our first home. We LOVED it. We finally felt stable and comfortable and I finally felt compelled to start actually decorating. Well, life happened and within the year we were packing up once again for a new place.

The unfortunate thing is that I was decorating to match that home. Although it was in Lafayette, the inside has a very beachy, rustic feel which made me want to decorate in creams and light blues. Now, the place we live has total Restoration Hardware vibes and the decor I had bought for our first home just doesn't quite fit.

So, I've been on the hunt for items that will transition from here to wherever we end up next in life without breaking the bank. The funny thing is, as a creative, I find myself pulled in 100 different directions when it comes to home decor. Since I work in design, I know there are a million options and themes that I could transfer a room into so Iock up and completely forego it. My mind feels like it's on overload with options!

But this week, that's changing! I sat down last night and ordered everything I needed to finish my son's bedroom and transform it into a toddler's paradise. I'm slowly scouring Wayfair & Target to find items that are transitional & earthy so that work with any home we reside in.

I bought this gorgeous rug for under $65 and this 6 cube storage unit for under $60 because, as we all know, toddlers are infamously known for pulling everything out of their dressers. I decided to go with the Threshold fabric baskets for now. Once Grayson decides to grow out of the "let's tear everything apart" phase, I'll be switching them out for these gorgeous metal baskets.

Target is even having an exclusive sale today and all rugs are 30% off until midnight online! There are atleast four more I have my eye on including a few Lulu and Georgia lookalikes.

Below are some other items I'm keeping my eye on. I'd love to hear where your favorite place to shop for home decor is!

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