Mother's Day Gifting with Jord

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Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Every Mother's Day, it's so much fun for me to look back on the time we brought Grayson home and remember all we went through as a family and how far we've come. I remember my husband and I being totally clueless when we brought our son home from the hospital. Okay...maybe it was just me. John had researched literally EVERYTHING, he even taught me how to swaddle Grayson. I was completely mind blown but I appreciated his enthusiasm so much and his willingness to make sure he knew as much as possible before Gray came into this world. Heck, John even bought Grayson's stroller and carseat AND bassinet before I was 6 weeks pregnant!

And every year, when my husband asks me what I want, it's really hard to tell him. The truth is, being a mom is tough but every year and every day and every week, the only gift I really need is to be able to spend time with the two most important guys in my life. I've been taking more advantage of the beach being so close and taking Grayson to have more adventures there before we move. I feel like every day he's growing so much faster than the day before and he's really becoming such an amazing little boy. So, for me - the best gift is really just time away from social media with my favorite guys. And sometimes the most favored gifts are the ones you can tell they put thought into, the ones they're really excited to give you.


In my daily life, I've had to completely forego jewelry (except my wedding ring) because it's all too bulky or entirely gets in the way. I'm either working out, chasing Grayson, or working on the computer and sometimes I can barely wear my wedding ring. From the moment I laid my eyes on Jord's wooden watches, I was completely in love. The simple yet sophisticated look and feel of them had me curious to try them out. But - I was reluctant because I was worried they'd feel bulky and, therefore, spend eternity in my jewelry box.

I was wrong.

When I received my watch, I was MIND BLOWN by the packaging. If you watched my Instastory last week about their packaging specs, you'll remember how I explained how in-depth their packaging practices were. Coming from a retail background, I am always so impressed when companies put their every thought into their packages. I love to see their brand and their love for their customers really shine through their website, packaging, and social media practices. I feel like Jord really puts their heart, mind, and soul into the thoughtfulness of their packaging.

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And then...I tried the watch on. Let me tell you guys - it feels like you're wearing nothing. I honestly had assumed that a wooden watch would feel heavy and bulky but Jord's wooden watches are actually lighter than an Apple watch. If you're searching for the perfect mother's day gift to tell mom thank you, you need to shop Jord's women's collection. The watch I chose is the Frankie Zebrawood & Champagne and you can shop it, here. Not only does the watch make every other Mother's Day gift fall to the wayside..the packaging totally takes it up ten notches. The Jord team truly knows what they're doing.

And today, I'm giving away a $100 gift card towards a Jord watch to one lucky winner just in time for Mother's Day. To enter the giveaway, simply click the button below.

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