Media Kit 101 for Bloggers

Blogger Media Kits

It's been a little while since I've posted but I've had this post on my heart for a little while now and it's all about MEDIA KITS. 

I work with bloggers on a daily basis designing their brands, their websites, their social media feeds, their newsletters, media kits, rate name it. I even train bloggers on reward style and other affiliate networks and I'm so thankful to work with incredible bloggers & influencers who are the nicest, most hardworking women out there. *no joke*

It's so enjoyable for me because I've been in the fashion and retail industry for what feels like FOREVER and I get to relive a little bit of my earlier career experience through them. Every blogger has their own niche and their own brand. To see each different one come together in its own unique way feeds my creative soul.

But with millions of bloggers in the world, I know there is a lot of misinformation on the internet about what you need, what you don't, and what you should or should not be doing. And while most of it is relative, one thing always stands true: you need a media kit.

So, what is a media kit after all? And what is the difference between a media kit and a rate sheet? Well, let's break it down: a media kit is a PDF that is one or two pages long that essentially tells sponsors who you are along with basic information about your blog,  services, and following statistics. A rate sheet goes more in-depth than a simple media kit, telling your sponsors your prices and services that you offer. It even lists your most-loved blog posts or notable collaborations. A rate sheet tends to be 3-7 pages, depending on how much information you have.

And since I began this design studio, I've come across more myths than I can wrap my mind around regarding media kits and rate sheets. I wanted to share a little insight on what media kits are, what they aren't, and why you need them if you're looking to turn your blog into a full blown biz.

So, let's get started on the myths I hear the most often about media kits:

Myth 1: "Its just a media kit." 

It's so much more than that. Imagine walking into the Hearst Towers, the home of every large editorial there is, knowing you have an interview with the top dog. You walk into her office, feeling 90% confident and about 10% pinch me. You have this opportunity to talk to her but first - she needs your resume. You hand her a piece of scratch paper with scribbles on it. Interview over. A media kit is essentially just that: the make or break moment. You can hook some of the biggest sponsors out there but the way you handle yourself professionally can ultimately stop that sponsorship dead in its tracks. 

Myth 2: "Media kits can be thrown together." 

Whoa, no. That statement actually scares me a little to be honest. Having a collage of random information will instantly make any potential sponsor click EXIT immediately. Media kits and rate sheets should be meticulously thought through and only the most important and intriguing information should be presented and they should always match your branding.

Not sure of what to include? Chat with another blogger who you admire and get their opinion!

Myth 3: "Media kits need alllllll the information." 

You have to remember there is always a point that anyone will stop reading. A lot of media kits can end up being text-heavy and redundant so it's important to discuss with your designer what information truly needs to stay and what can go. They'll be able to break your text up with more images and graphics to truly help you stand out and eliminate any information that isn't necessary.

So, what should be included in a media kit? Even the most basic of media kits should have information your prospective sponsor needs to see including 1-2 high resolution images of you or from a recent collaboration, your contact information and website URL, social media handles with follower counts, and a small snippet telling them who you are. 

Myth 4: "I don't need a media kit." 

This year, Fohr Card changed the game for influencers on Instagram and I'm honestly really excited about it. The amount of social media accounts with inauthentic followings (aka purchased) is really unfortunate but its something we'll never be able to stop. Fohr Card is essentially showing brands which influencers have true, authentic and organic followers...

aka: which bloggers and influencers are worth the money for collaborations. 

With millions of influencers on the horizon (and growing daily), having a media kit shows your professionalism and seriousness. According to a 2012 survey, there are estimated to have been around 31 MILLION bloggers in 2012 in the United States alone. That's FIVE years ago, guys. In the past five years, the blogging world has rapidly exploded exponentially so I can't even fathom where that number could be right now in 2017.

So now, more than ever, a media kit is essential to gaining sponsorships and collaborations. It tells your sponsor that your blog is so much more than just's a business, one which you take seriously. 

But with that being said, you do not need a media kit if your blog is a hobby and you don't intend to take on sponsorships and offer collaborations. I only recommend media kits to bloggers who are attempting to garner sponsorships with companies and brands. 

So tell me: do you have a media kit? Do you feel it's absolutely necessary? I'd love for you to weigh in!