Real Life: We Move Alot

So often I get caught up chatting about branding and web design because, of course, those are two of my favorite things in this world. But today, I wanted to switch it up & talk about something totally different: our home. Our road for the past six years has been long and interesting. If you're married to a pilot, a soldier, or anyone who moves a lot, you'll understand where I'm coming from.

Incase you're new here, we've moved six times in eight years due to my husband being a corporate pilot. We bought our first family home in 2015 and had to sell it almost exactly a year later in 2016. We barely missed the awful flood that year in Lafayette, thank God. We're finally settled back into the town we always knew would be the one. We've always known that we wanted to raise Gray in Mandeville, which is where we lived when we first got married. This town is so beautiful and has so much history and scenery. There are so many things to do outdoors and ways to stay active: biking, paddle boarding, jogging trails, you name it. This town is held so close to our hearts and is truly where we feel home the most.


When we moved back to Mandeville this past summer, I downsized immensely. We've only held onto the furniture and items we truly cherished or felt were transitional. The one thing you do learn when you buy your first home is how much junk you have and how none of it will work in every single home you live in. I spent so many months curating the most beautiful home decor only to realize it'll never work in every place we live. 

But with every move, it seems like you learn a few more things you were unaware of the time before. Here are the top six lessons I've learned for those of you who move a lot:

lesson 1: classic over trendy

Trendy pieces come and go but classic pieces will always fit into every home you live in effortlessly. Jute rugs, linen dining chairs, and a beautiful dark wood dining table are examples of classic home decor. Those items will never go out of style or get boring! The trendy items I do have (ie: faux fur rugs) are inexpensive so I can toss if need be.

lesson 3: the less expensive, the better

If you move alot, you've already learned that moving companies are rough on furniture. They leave your furniture with greasy hand prints, scuffs, tears, and even sweat (yes, I know..disgusting.) Nothing is worse than seeing your most treasured pieces get trashed. I try not to splurge too much on our home decor for now, so that I can really splurge when we purchase a new home.

lesson 5: pay the extra money for a garage

Luckily we've purged enough to not need one but in the past when we had more furniture and keepsakes, a garage came in handy. Living in an apartment can get tight so you want to make sure you have space to put the items you won't be using. Pay the extra $50-100 for a garage or storage building if you need to.

lesson 2: buy transitional pieces

Try to find pieces that you'll be able to decorate with again in the future. We have a dark wood bed with dark wood nightstands. I know that if we ever decide to get that gray tufted headboard I've been eyeing for ages, our wooden nightstands would go perfectly with it. The same goes for rugs & linens. Neutral is always best.

lesson 4: more space, less clutter

Another big lesson I had to learn was about clutter. John and I moved in together during our senior year of college, at which point the "decor" we owned was primarily junk. Neither of us knew how to decorate a home. I learned to get rid of the items I no longer needed. Not only did it create a minimalistic, cozy home - it allowed for an easier packing job for the next move.

lesson 6: be smart with the space you have

Before now, we've been pretty tight on extra storage space. We recently opted for a guest bedroom bed frame that has a good bit of height so we can store extra items underneath it. Add shelves, keep your bathroom cabinets & pantry organized, and utilize even the smallest of extra spaces.

Those of you who have moved a lot can absolutely understand what I mean when I say this: envy exists. Although I try not to, I certainly envy my friends who have big back yards and beautiful home decor. The reality of that is..we move a lot. Another reality is that I have a toddler. Our home isn't immaculately decorated with beautiful glass vases and flowers because my son would have a field day. Instead, I opt for printed throw blankets and items I can add to our shelves out of arms reach. Guess what guys..that's okay. I think in every season of life, I've had to remind myself that my life will never be like another's life and that's absolutely fine.

When we begin the buying process next year, I know that I atleast have a good base to start decorating with. And, right now, I'm decorating our guest bedroom, which is really exciting for me because it's something I've never had! In our previous home, our "guest bedroom" was my office. I wanted something that felt more feminine than the rest of our home for the guest bedroom so I'm sticking to a super minimalistic theme of white, light (very minimal) pink, and grays. I've had a ton of inspiration from Haute off The Rack to be honest and am obsessed with her bedroom design (seen here).

You can see the items I'm grabbing below from H&M and today only, you can get 10% off your order with code "3937"! I'd love to hear your favorite place to grab home decor or what your favorite styles are.