2018 Goal: Take Care Of

Care Of Vitamins

It's safe to say I know things today I did not know when I was in my early twenties (even if I did pretend to know it all - sorry mom!)

Growing up, I didn't know much about health + fitness, and truthfully didn't care to know. I remember my friend Nicole had tried so many times to get me to workout with her and go for a jog but honestly - my heart just wasn't in it. 

Something clicked when my husband and I began dating. You see, we had that puppy love stage for the first year where we ate whatever we wanted without noticing that the benefits weren't there. After the first year, we both had gained about 15 pounds and decided to make a difference. 

Stepping into the gym for the first wasn't fun and I'll be the first to say that. Gymtimidation is a real thing - not just some funny commercialized joke. When I try and get people to come to the gym and they tell me they're nervous - I GET IT. I think the biggest misconception is that everyone there feels absolutely confident and comfortable but I can tell you, that couldn't be further from the truth. Some of my closest friends are in enviable shape (for me atleast) and hearing their stories of self-doubt always reassures me I'm not alone and I never was.

Care Of Vitamins | Mental Health and Fitness
Care Of Vitamins | Mental Health and Fitness

My first few months in the gym were strictly cardio until one day my husband (then boyfriend) convinced me to try weights. I honestly had never felt so intimidated but I did it regardless..okay, maybe I wanted to impress him..whatever. Regardless, I did it. I remember that feeling of satisfaction, of pride. I was proud of myself for letting go & I was proud of myself for just doing it.

And so the story goes, I got real addicted. We went on to get married after four years together and continued (to this day) to kick each other's ass in the gym. Working out is our bonding time. Going for a run or bike ride is how we prefer a date night over anything else.

But - there's a little gash in the story. After I had my son three years ago, I suffered post partum depression. Even at that time, I thought I was so healthy - and I wasn't, mentally. After heavily researching medication I was prescribed and suffering memory less, I quickly realized that what I put into my body is just as important as what I do with my body. I can run ten miles, but mentally I can be the weakest person in the world if I'm not nourishing myself. I can numb myself to the world around me with medication or I can fight it head on with natural remedies.

Care Of Vitamins | Mental Health and Fitness

I quickly realized that a lot of vitamins, medications, drinks, and even foods can trigger massive anxiety and panic attacks - an unfortunate side effect of post partum depression. Since then, I try not to overindulge in alcohol, rest more, stress less, and make sure to exercise. While I am in love with what I do for a living, working from home can really have it's ups and downs, and it's so important to maintain a healthy mindset.

I began working with Heather Marsh late last year and honestly you guys - her programs are life changing. I knew that 2018 had to be THE YEAR I felt more confident and healthy than ever. So, when Care Of reached out to me to try their vitamins I was so excited. Once I started going through their personalized quiz, I was really getting the feel that these would be much more personalized than any other vitamins I had ever tried and I was so right.

When the vitamins arrived, I was super impressed by their packaging & attention to detail. To have a vitamin you actually feel intrigued by and look forward to taking is sort of unheard of. Everything is customized for you and delivered on a monthly basis - but can be cancelled easily at anytime if need be.

Care Of Vitamins | Mental Health and Fitness

I love that I was able to add additional items to my packs - including Primrose for skin health, aside from what Care Of recommended for me. I'm three days in and honestly, loving them. No jitters, I sleep fantastically, and my energy and focus is on another level. And for those of you who have a difficult time taking pills, try taking them one at a time. I actually drink a collagen supplement and always take them together. No awful smell or taste, either - which I love!

As a mom who works from a home office, it's so important for me to pay attention to my health: both mentally and physically. If you're interested in trying Care Of Vitamins, you can visit takecareof.com and use code KAIT25 for 25% off the first month.

EDIT: For those of you wandering what I added to my pack, here is a list: