Better Sleep with Som Sleep


I’m getting vulnerable today, friends. Owning a business is without a doubt one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.

I know you hear it all of the time but truthfully, it really is so stressful. Its like this strange rollercoaster that you never want to get off of, with so many fun twists and turns and so many terrifying downhill free falls all at the same time.

I'm admittedly the worst when it comes to taking care of myself mentally. I've never been the one who gets enough sleep, eats enough during the day, or even takes the time to really just relax. I've always felt like I needed to go, go, go until I couldn't go any further - and I know that is something that inevitably has to change.

I know I'm not alone with this because so many other business owners reach out to me weekly with the same issue. It seems as if business owners tend to have the hardest time shutting off when we need it the most. No matter how hard we work, we feel like its never enough.

When I opened my business, I knew it would be a long road to get to where I am but I also knew that road would be incredibly rewarding. Being able to work from wherever I want with my son at home with me has been such a blessing to me. To have had his first few years at home with me and being able to support my family in the same sense, has meant the world.

I don’t think a day goes by that I don’t feel immensely blessed to be here in this space, encouraging others to follow their dreams. But while I love what I do, I have to take measures to ensure I’m healthy.

I know, for myself, I never feel like I can totally shut off. It seems that my phone is always exploding with emails, calls, and texts and a part of me says to ignore it. The other part of me shrivels in fear that I'll lose a potential client or anger someone if I don't answer immediately. Why do I feel that way? This is excitedly our most successful year yet. Having surpassed the past two years in the first four months of 2018, I should feel the need to slow down a little but I just can't seem to stop.

Earlier this year, I decided to increase my offerings so that I could focus on less clients and provide more value. Doing so, has allowed me to work less and provide more, spend more quality time with family, and actually enjoy what I do but I still find myself laying in bed at night wondering what else could get done that I didn't finish. Of course, this leads to my mind wandering for hours and feeling like I need to continue working. Isn't it funny how we do this to ourselves? We somehow feel that these things won't be there tomorrow - they need to be handled immediately! I've had to learn to set more and more boundaries with my personal life and my business in order to effectively manage my day to day schedule.

When Som Sleep reached out to me last month about a partnership, I immediately said yes! I know that I need to take measures to ensure I’m getting enough rest, but its so hard to do this for two reasons as a mom and business owner:

1: There is ALWAYS something that needs to be done. Whether its the laundry, meal prep, or just a few more emails, I always come up with more things to do. And honestly, when Grayson finally goes to bed, its like I finally get 30 minutes to myself that I haven't had in days. I want to relax, watch tv, drink wine, and just enjoy the silence.

2: I just can’t cut my mind off. Like I mentioned before, it seems I’m always strategizing something for myself or my clients. Once I come up with an idea, I have to jump up and write it down.

Of course, I was a little skeptical. I know a little blue can won’t solve life’s issues but I felt it may help me get my sleep in order. I’m definitely a better person when I am well-rested, and I wanted to give Som a shot. When I received the box, I was immediately in love with their packaging (go figure!) Their branding is perfectly aligned, right down to their super cute inserts that playfully say “Go Get Som..Sleep!” 

The flavor reminded me of a sugar-free redbull but mind you - these drinks are NOT anything like redbull. They're entirely sugar-free and vegan, which I found to be really amazing. They are non habit-forming and actually aid you in sleeping better.


So, here's how my time with Som Sleep went:

On night one, I was WIRED. I had gone to the gym, taken preworkout a little too late in the evening, and drank energy drinks earlier in the day, so it was the PERFECT time to test it out. I drank one about an hour before bed and I didn't feel overly exhausted, just relaxed. When I went to bed, I found it was much easier to fall asleep. I did wake up feeling like I was well-rested, which is definitely not normal these days with a toddler. I miss that college-era long nap after a pool day kinda sleep. You know what I'm talkin about.

On night two, I didn't feel the need for one. I guess it was because my sleep quality the night before was so much better than normal that my body felt a little more adjusted. However, on night three I did need another because we had a VERY busy day and for some reason I just couldn't cut my mind off. I woke up feeling just as refreshed as the first day.

Overall, I loved them. I don't think I would want to use one every single night but I would love to keep them on-hand for those days where I just can not cut my mind off or after long trips that switched up my sleep schedule.

I'd love to hear how you manage a busy life, family, and business and find the time to enjoy things for yourself. And if you'd like to try Som Sleep, use code LOVEKAIT for 10% off!