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If there is one thing I've learned about social media, it's that it NEVER SLEEPS. That may sound cliche, but really it is so true. Over the years, I've had to try and find creative ways to stay on top of my social media game and, let me tell you, it's not easy. Juggling a newborn (now a toddler) with traveling, a boutique, and now a thriving freelance business, juggling social media accounts can be super hectic. I find it incredibly helpful to have a set amount of generic captions on hand for when I'm in a bind and not feeling my normal creative self. Sometimes, the words just do not flow especially at midnight when you've been on flights all day trying to get home and feeling like a hot mess express. I know you feel me!

With that being said, I wanted to give you my 6 proven Instagram captions that will get feedback & results! Keep in mind, you can replace words here and there to reuse time and time again. I recommend adding a few little tweak of your own personality into them so that your customers feel that you're speaking directly to them.


Caption for Apparel:

"Spring is in the A I R! We are totally crushing on our NEW ARRIVALS including this super cute bohemian-inspired dress (only $28!) Shop the link in our bio!"

-with this caption, I'd post a cute image of one of your apparel pieces!

Caption for Jewelry/Apparel/Accessories:

"Some days you wear yoga pants and a messy bun. Some days you fix your hair and wear our ***insert jewelry name here***. It's called balance. #linkinbio **insert your personal hashtag**

-with this caption, I'd have a super cute image of someone wearing a piece of jewelry from your shop. If you sell apparel, you could definitely relate it to some cute shoes!

Caption for Fitness Apparel:

"Currently trying to motivate myself to burn off all the tacos and margaritas I may or may not be consuming this weekend in our ***insert fitness apparel name here*** (link in bio!)

-with this caption, I'd try to showcase any fitness tanks or leggings you sell!

Caption for Thursday (general):

"Oh hey Thursday, let's celebrate Friday a little early by taking 20% off your entire purchase. #TGIF!"

Caption for date night outfits:

"Because every girl needs a little black dress. We've got THE hottest styles that are sure to make your date do a double take!" (insert peace sign emoji for a fun vibe!)

Caption for dresses:

"Girls that hate dresses must not have met our ***insert name of dress***. She's seriously fun & flirty and a MUST-HAVE for all closets for spring & summer. (link in bio!)"

-this could also go for shorts, jewelry, and heels!


Remember when creating your captions, your followers want to see FUN and catchy! Sometimes, when nothing comes to mind, a simple fun emoji (my personal favorite, the salsa dancing mamacita and the peace signs) and something short and to the point like "Our new arrivals are HOT, HOT, HOT and they are FLYING out! You do not want to miss out!"

What are you favorite captions? Comment them! I'd love to see!

xo, Kait