Professional Photography: Why Your Business Needs A Pro


Glorious Tuesday!

I am SO excited to have one of my close friends guest posting today for my FAVORITE business owners - you, of course! Today, Tyler is going to be sharing her reasons why you need to hire a professional photographer and what to expect when you schedule your first session. 

Tyler’s photography is absolutely stunning and she captivates her audience with every image. Whether it’s a wedding, product imagery, or just a styled shoot, she manages to embrace the beauty of not only the model but the location itself. In every image, you can feel the energy, the joy, and the sheer magic and love that is put into every image. You can sense the rustic beauty of the scenery and she knows exactly what details to capture!

Tyler spends her time traveling the south, capturing photography for boutiques, jewelry designers, engagements & weddings, and beautiful families. Some of my favorites are when Tyler is in her full element outdoors in a field full of cattle. Seriously, if you haven’t seen her canvases - they’re to die for! I have one in my office.

If you’re interested in learning more or would like to chat with Tyler, you can visit her at and drop her a line. I sincerely hope this guest post helps my fellow business owners understand why they should hire a professional but also what to expect and what to look for during their first session.

What’s the point in hiring a professional photographer? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard “My sister just got a new DSLR, she can take them, right?”

 And, I’m sure you’re thinking “why pay someone all that money when everyone I know has a nice camera now a days?” These thoughts go through everyone's mind when considering the cost of a professional photographer for both business and personal images.

But, even professionals had to start somewhere so you can rest assured that we understand your way of thinking about professional photography. Let’s revisit when I first started back in 2006: I over edited every single picture even if it was taken on a point & shoot. Just ask any of my Facebook friends, they will tell you. It was horrible and by that I mean terrible poke my eyes out bad.  

With that being said, there are different times to hire a hobbyist via a professional. A hobbyist is someone who simply takes images for fun and doesn’t pour their heart into every image they take. A professional is going to spend late hours, sometimes an entire night, making sure your images are edited appropriately and perfectly fit your brand.

Outsourcing is always a necessity if you’re a business owner who is overworked. If you need marketing, website, and social media images, you need to consider hiring a professional. 


You’ll see the extra money being spent wisely when a customer compliments an outfit they saw on social media in a professional image, when your conversation rates increase on your website because your images look more professional and therefore your business feels more trustworthy. You’ll notice that your billboards and print advertisements stand out better because of the professional touch and how the photographer knew exactly what to photograph for that advertisement. 

Professionals help you brand the business of your dreams and that money is always well spent in the long run.

If you’re looking for a professional photographer for your boutique,  here are a few tips for what to expect:

  • Set up a time to meet with the photographer.  It could be a coffee date, Skype or phone call. It's very important that both the photographer & boutique owner are on the same page so make sure you make notes of what you want to see in every image. If you have an upcoming advertisement or event you want to publicize, make sure the photographer knows about it so they can ensure they get the appropriate images for you.
  • When you get to the meeting, bring your branding & mood boards & some examples of products you offer. You want the photographer to be on the same page with you in regards to how you want your brand seen by customers. 

  • Do you prefer city-themed images with building backgrounds or do you prefer wooded areas? Choosing one over the other could inhibit the look of your brand. If your style is more "southern, boho" you may want an outdoor, barn-styled photoshoot. 

  • Tell the photographer what you'll need images for. Do you need website graphics, product photos, or flat lays? Each will be taken completely different so let them know where you'll need them and what you'll need them for. For example, your website banner would need to be taken vertically to look the best. A product image would be horizontal. 

  • Ask the photographer what their minimum amount of hours is for a photoshoot. Personally, for me, I ask for a two hour minimum but every photographer is different. A minimum amount of hours allows photographers to get the images they need, without rushing through the photoshoot.

  • Be prepared! Steam the clothes ahead of time and hang them appropriately in your car. Wrinkled clothing never photographs well. Bring makeup for touch ups including any lipsticks or lip glosses that are needed. Also, ensure your model's nail polish is on point - no one likes chipped nails and they stand out drastically in photos.

  • Also, make sure you've got your outfits planned beforehand including jewelry & shoes. Many photographers don't mind (and actually love) styling photoshoots, but make sure you have an idea of what you'd like to see.

Have questions? We'd love to see them! Comment below & we'll chat!