Business Intro 101 - Welcome Back!

SEATER1 As you all know, I quit blogging to run my own small business (an online clothing store.) Over the past few months, I've received an overwhelming amount of emails, calls, texts, messages, DMs, and the like questioning me about my business. These questions have been about everything from social media to photography to buying. A few examples are:

  • What backdrops do you use for social media pictures?
  • How did you get so many followers on Instagram?
  • What's the best social media channel for me to use?
  • How did you design your own website?
  • What is the best website host to use?
  • Where do you find affordable shipping supplies?
  • How did you get your start?

The list goes on and on. And then, I get questions that don't relate to my current business. I get questions about business in general from people I knew and respected while I was a Retail Store Manager. Those questions tend to be:

  • How did you know who to hire?
  • How did you get girls to respect you?
  • How did you make your way out of retail into being a business owner?
  • How did you get into fashion?
  • How do you negotiate a pay raise?

I get so many questions that sometimes it can get a little overwhelming trying to respond appropriately and not missing the general point I'm even trying to get to while also not revealing too much about my personal business. So, with that being said, I've decided to start blogging about these questions I get. In the future, I'm even going to offer series on BIG topics! I'm so excited to share all of my interests with you.

Whether you're a college student trying to break into the fashion field and have a few questions, a business owner who needs some advice, or would like to own your own business but aren't even sure where to start, this is for you!

Comment below with any questions you'd like me to address or email me by clicking the CONTACT ME tab above!

Can't wait to start this journey with you!

xo, Kaitlin