Eliminating Social Media Stress: 10 Steps

Have you ever thought to yourself "I'm always on social media?" It's okay, so have I along with the millions of other business owners that are out there. The truth is, sometimes it's hard to detach yourself especially once you start getting comments with a million questions on sizing and availability. For me, I connect my sales 100% with my social media interaction and I am constantly finding myself nervous to disconnect for fear of losing a potential customer. The downfall of that feeling is less family time, less time with friends, no "me" time for the gym or really any relaxation whatsoever. SOCIAL MEDIA STRESS

For 2016, my main resolution was to find a way to disconnect whenever possible because I found myself becoming MUCH too connected and dependent. When your husband stops his conversation with you because he thinks you aren't listening, you know it's time to hand over the phone for a few. If you're like me, here is how I found a way to totally disconnect without being nervous 24/7:

1: Schedule Your Posts 

Schedule all of your posts a week in advance! Doing this will save you so much time and stress. Plus, you can spend more time focusing on actually talking with potential customers/clients and not feeling overwhelmed. This will also save you from posting photos that are of bad quality because you are simply in a hurry. Take an hour out of your day, once a week, to plan and schedule your posts throughout the following week. My favorite apps for scheduling posts are Latergramme & Hootsuite. Schedule Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest posts atleast one week ahead of time.


2: Utilize What Works For You

If you find yourself posting on Facebook and not seeing any return, then maybe Facebook isn't for you. BUT, that doesn't mean forego it completely. If you find that posting to Instagram is your #1 focus because it drives the most sales, then focus on Instagram. Copy and paste that caption directly onto your Facebook page and save the time from having to come up with two captions.

3: Write a Generic Set of Captions

I wrote about this in my blog post 6 INSTAGRAM CAPTIONS TO CAPTURE YOUR CUSTOMERS' ATTENTION. It's always helpful to have a list of generic captions saved in your phone to utilize when you're in a pinch. You can change up the words in the caption to make it fit whatever image you're posting and not seem like the same thing over and over.

4: Hire an Intern

There are tons of young adults in college who would kill to get a Social Media internship. Find what you're struggling with and then find someone who can help you with that area. Are you having issues taking photos for social media? There are so many college students that could help you out with that. If you're needing someone to fully manage your social media, try hiring a Social Media Consultant (like me!) to take over for you.

5: Utilize Quotes!

Quotes are great for filler on social media. I love making my own out of funny sayings that have happened to me that my customers' can relate to. These filler items are also great for when you don't have time to think of what to post and they're always great ways to get engagement. Ask your customers to tag their best friends! Bonus points if it's a funny saying!

6: Take Advantage of Bloggers

Did a blogger post an item that you love or is similar to what you are selling? I love reposting images that bloggers posted. For example, if Amber Fillerup from www.BarefootBlonde.com posted an image of her beach vacation, I may repost it with a caption like "Summer goals courtesy of @AmberFillerup" and I would also tag her in the image. This way, her millions of followers will see that she was tagged in the image and they'll be drawn to my account.

7: Know Your Times

Do you find yourself randomly posting whenever sounds good? DO NOT DO THAT. Seriously, it's a total waste of time unless you've been able to capture an extremely large amount of the market on social media. For Instagram, my favorite posting times are from 12:05-12:40P and from 6:00-10:00P. I've studied the times for years and found them to have the most feedback. The worst times to post are Friday nights, whereas the best time to post is Wednesdays at lunchtime as well as Sundays around 12:45PM.

8: Know When to Stop

Owning your own business is a full-time job, 60+ hours per week. But, that doesn't mean you can't stop at some point. I find myself at times hating to come to a stopping point because I feel like I have so much left to accomplish. If you don't give yourself a break every once in a while, you'll burn out quickly and find your personal relationships suffering. If you know the exact times you need to post and stick to your schedule, you will find that you'll be able to back away after the last post of the evening and put your phone down.

9. Give Yourself "Office Hours"

Just like #8, you have to know when to stop. Utilize a chat option on your site for any hours after your "closing hours" (mine is 6PM) that will send customers directly to a contact form, leave social media comments there for the next morning, and only answer emails during "work hours" (9-6) unless it's an emergency. THINGS CAN ALWAYS WAIT.

10: ALWAYS have filler images

Do not post the same image over and over. I highly recommend taking a bulk of images at one time and having tons of images ready to go for when you just need something super quick! For example, if you're tackling a flat lay image, try to get the full outfit and then get images of just the shoes or just the jewelry without even rearranging the outfit. This will help you get more out of each flatlay!