Fashion Bloggers Who Mastered E-Commerce

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It feels like this entire week has flown by and I can't even begin to believe the weekend is already here. What world are we living in?! I feel like I just fell asleep on Monday.

Anywho - I was up last night doing a little reminiscing on the days of when I was a blogger, fresh out of high school, interning for a super cool online publication. As I remembered how fun it was to interview celebrities and test out new products for Elle & People Style Watch, a thought dawned on me: this blogging world has seriously changed...and fast.

After all, I'm only 28, so it's only been about six years since I put my blogging days behind me. To think about the evolution bloggers have seen through those years is astounding. We're moving from a whole world that has revolved around print editorials and towards strictly digital, online media & influencers. 


Out with the Heidi Klums, in with the Rach Parcells - right? You almost have to wonder what Carrie Bradshaw, a la Sex in the City Episode 1, Season 1 would think about this world we're living in. These times where we'd rather scour Pinterest & Instagram than ever flip the pages of a fresh off the rack Vogue. I, for one, still love the idea of a good old fashioned print editorial, but times are seriously changing.

It also had me thinking about something else and that's how many bloggers have used their successful blogging careers to launch a super successful E-Commerce platform. If I think back to my blogging days, I can remember Chiara of The Blonde Salad making a hugeeee statement by beginning her own clothing line. And now, it seems that everyone is jumping on board - and why wouldn't they? You'd have to be insane to not consider the idea of monetizing in one way or another because blogging essentially is a business if managed properly.

While some of them are selling clothing or designing and others are selling print & digital art, they're taking advantage of a massive piece of the market and I have to commend them for that. What an amazing world we live in, where we can literally own what we love and make our life revolve around the things we find beauty in.

So today, I wanted to share my absolute favorite and most-inspiring bloggers who have taken their blog and turned it into a successful full-time business. If you have a favorite that I missed, let me know in the comments. And, if you absolutely love their shops - I'd love to hear!

Links: 1: They All Hate Us 2: Peace Love Shea 3: The Haute Pursuit 4: Stephanie Sterjovski 5: Sincerely Jules 6: Cara Loren

7: Pink Peonies 8: Barefoot Blonde 9: Hello Fashion Blog

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