How I Got Into Retail


They say that sometimes the best things kind of fall into your lap, and I am a firm believer of that. I also believe that everything has a reason and a purpose and I feel like I've found my purpose: to help others be successful. Why is that, you ask? Well, I know that my entire life I've loved building others up. I love seeing other people be successful but I truly love the look in someone's eyes when they feel they've found their purpose and their meaning. I absolutely love hearing about the dreams and aspirations of others and then doing what I can to help their dreams become a reality.

I may sound crazy, but just let me explain. I don't mean that I am a dream-achiever, because I am most certainly not. I know I've had quite the larger dreams in my life; marine biologist might have been the biggest. It wasn't out of my reach though, I only lacked the determination to make it a reality which is why I am constantly pushing my peers to do what makes them truly happy regardless of how much work it may take. Truth is, the harder the work, the more accomplished you'll feel once you get there. No one ever climbed Mount Everest overnight, right? But God, I bet they felt unbelievable once they made it to the top.

After I ditched my Marine Biologist dreams, I moved onto Marketing. I was a college freshman with larger than life dreams but I had no clue what I wanted to do with my life. I mean, Marketing sounded like fun...I guess? I thought advertising would be a blast but I had no idea what that even entailed. It's funny really to think of where I am now and where I was. It's funny how God can lay a path for your life and you won't know it until you look backwards. But anyways, Marketing seemed like a no-fail. I could work in a ton of fields, but I never guessed I'd be in the field I am: retail.

I've always loved fashion..I'm a girl, c'mon. BUT, I have never been into high-end fashion, its just not for me. I love affordable finds that resemble designer (read: not cheap..affordable, you'll hear more about that later!) I never expected to be in the position I'm in. EVER. What I'm here to tell you is that if you have a dream, it's achievable.

I won't dwell on an "about me", because you can find that in the MENU above. But, I will tell you that I married my college sweetheart in 2012 and we moved to south Louisiana within a few weeks. I knew no one! I had never lived that far from home and the thought was really enticing. For months I struggled with the ideas of what I may want to do with my degree. I had been a blogger for a few years and absolutely loved but in no way was it an income source. Granted, I received free clothing all the time and that was amazing. I rarely got paid for what I wrote but that was entirely my fault. I could've demanded payment but that's what happens when you enjoy something: you end up selling yourself short and that's exactly what I did.

To make up for the money I wasn't being paid, I decided to sell my lightly used clothing on an app called Poshmark. To this day, I still sell clothing I no longer wear on Poshmark and it's become a favorite of mine. I recommend the app to every single person I meet, honestly! I made thousands reselling clothing that sometimes had only been worn for a photo session. I continued blogging until 2014 when I had my first child. In the meantime, from 2012-2014 I worked in a large retail store which helped me grow exponentially. I honestly kind of fell into the opportunity and had never been a manager before, but knew the idea intrigued me. While I was there, I really fell in love with every aspect of retail from the customers to the clothing to my team. I learned a lot from that career and from continuously pushing myself to the next level by learning different aspects of the business. I can honestly say I learned more there than I have anywhere else and I loved every minute of it. Once I had my son, we moved too far for me to commute and I knew it was time to make my dreams come true for myself. For the past few years, my customers had continuously urged me to open my own clothing store and stayed loyal to me. My employees still stay in touch with me and, from time to time, come work for me (which I love!!!) I can say with 100% positivity that it was the best choice for me in terms of growth.

I've been in Sales, a Fashion Blogger,  a Retail Store Manager, a retail clothing buyer, Marketing, Advertising, & Public Relations for retail stores & online publications, Social Media Marketing for various businesses, & now I'm a small business owner myself. I have compiled an enormous amount of things I've learned from sales to management to marketing and into buying and merchandising. I'm ready to share my secrets with the world!

I plan on helping other small business owners (or those who would like to be) achieve their goals & dreams. Whether you're struggling with Social Media, Marketing, Web Design, HR, or anything else, I'm here to help. Or, maybe you're a college student who isn't sure of what they'd like to do with their life or even how to get to their goal in fashion, I'm excited to meet you!

Stay tuned because I'll be announcing a few series shortly and next week I'll be discussing the first steps to get started opening your very own online business. If you have any questions or requests, feel free to comment or email me at the contact tab above!

xo, Kait



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