Competition Woes | Managing the Negative Mindset

how to handle competition in business


I'm in various Facebook groups for business owners and I absolutely love the open floor to share what your struggles are and what issues you're having in your business.  

However, the main issue I always see is competition. Obviously, your competition will always be there. You'll have the legitimate competition & then you'll have those who see you being successful and assume they can copy your work and get the same results. Unfortunately, they never go away. 

When I started my first business, I wasn't ready for this part. I thought all women were supportive of one another no matter what. Man, I was wrong.

Not everyone is out for YOUR best interest. Not everyone cares if you're successful or not and not everyone has the best intentions or your best interests at heart. 

It it doesn't matter what type of business you own, you'll always struggle with two main parts of this area:  


Which one are you? Do you tend to spend every minute trying to keep up with everything your competition does? Do you find yourself skimming over their blog posts & social media to the point where you feel EXHAUSTED?


Do you spend your time blocking them from every piece of info you have?  

I had a previous employer who spent every waking minute blocking all competition from social media. Little did they know all you have to do is create a seperate account and voila! You are no longer blocked. Which means she wasted a valuable part of her day worrying about things she couldn't change.  

I'm guilty. I listened to the "block them!" hype and I believed it would work. Did it stop me from spending my time stalking (so to speak) my competition on social media? It did not. It was all a waste of my time. 

Let me tell you this..the moment I stopped "checking in" on them, my entire business changed. 

Did you hear me? I'm talking booked solid. Fully booked for months with fresh clients who enjoyed MY WORK. You see, when you stop worrying about what THEY are doing, you have more time to focus on what YOU are doing. 

Are you doing enough? Can you do it better? How? You'll never know if you're focusing on THEM. Focus on YOU! 

Watching them breeds a negative mindset & attitude and completely depletes you.  

I encourage you today to stop and focus on yourself, your business, your own content. If you can take the part out of your day where you focus on competition, you'll feel fresh, revived, and READY FOR ANYTHING.  

Make a list of things in your business that YOU can change and implement for sales. Do not worry about others because your businesses are not meant to be identical.  

And, let's all support one another. I honestly have to say since starting LK, I have grown an immense support group of clients, readers, & business owners who are so supportive and I LOVE IT.  

Find others who support you, even if you offer the same product. Embrace your competition if you can't let them go. You might find someone who becomes a mentor or vice versa. Reach out with a kind email to see if you could ever collaborate, compliment their work. We're all in this together after all. 

Are you struggling with competition woes? I'd love to hear in the comments below.