Instagram 101: Adding Value + 20 FREE GRAPHICS


You know why I love social media? I love it (mainly Instagram) for it's ability to connect you with potential clients, customers, and friends from quite literally all over the earth. When I was growing up, there was NO such thing as social media. If you wanted to "chat", you'd better pick up the phone.

I have my days where I miss the old fashioned ways of keeping in touch but find that I absolutely have become obsessed with the technology these days and observing ways business owners can get attention through the biggest, most affordable, most effective outlet: social media. 

One tip I always give my clients & friends for Instagram is to not be so pushy with your sales. Yes, customers do find you on social media to see what's new but it's the value in your posts that have them continuing to follow you after the initial viewing. 

So, how do you add value? You add value by mixing images into your social media postings that don't have ANYTHING to do with your business. If that sounds crazy, I can understand. After all, isn't that the point of it all? Not at all! 

The point of social media is to gain a relationship with your customers, to show them a perspective of your business they've never seen. It is THE perfect opportunity to put a personality to your business name and give them a feel for who YOU are as a business owner.

Every 3-4 images, you should be mixing in quotes that stand out to your target market. Quotes that make them feel something, whether that be happy or funny thoughts. You want them to feel connected to you, like a best friend. Mainly, you want them to tag their best friends because they love the quote so much.

Here's the thing: try not to post images that are bad quality (stay away from the filters!) or that have another competition businesses' logo or website on them. Try to make sure all your graphics have the same look to them, not necessarily the same font but the same feel. If they need to be feminine, let them all be feminine. If you like darker images, let them all be dark. 

I hope that helps. But, if it didn't, I wanted to make TWENTY FREE funny graphics that you can use for social media at your own discretion! 

PS: Want to add your website to the bottom? Download the free iPhone app "Phonto", upload the image, and use the text on the app to add to the image. Voila - enjoy!