Instagram's BIG Change and Why You Shouldn't Stress

INSTAGRAM NEW ALGORITHM CHANGES POST NOTIFICATIONS SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETINGGood morning guys! So, we've all heard it: Instagram is changing their algorithms. I don't think I'm the only one who is sick of seeing TURN ON YOUR POST NOTIFICATIONS all over my feed. It's quite frustrating, honestly but I do have to understand the sentiments of it: a lot of businesses thrive off of Instagram so why would Instagram want to change it up?

Well, I'm sure they have their reasons. They do have a ton of really intelligent, experienced pros working on the project day in and day out to make Instagram more user-friendly and, honestly, less spam worthy. While I know you are biting your nails and stressing out, the truth is...DON'T.

Your customers and followers do not have to turn on their post notifications to see you in their feed. While the post notifications actually gives them a notification when you post, it's not needed. The ONLY thing they need to do at this time to keep seeing your images is to continue liking your images. When they like your images, Instagram will know they're interested and thus keep you in their feed.

What does this mean for you? That all is good but also that you need to really hone in on what type of images your customers are loving. Look back at what has gotten the most likes and figure out why that may have been. Was it the time of day you posted? Maybe it was the colors? A pair of really amazing shoes? Whatever it was, post more of that! The whole goal is to continue to get your customers' likes to stay in their news feed which means YOU need to focus on non-grainy, super amazing images that are worth the likes. KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER! What do they like? What kind of things do they engage in?

This means you seriously need to focus on your images and make sure they are crisp, clear, and quality. Not sure what I mean? Check out @RiffRaffHQ. They always know exactly how to capture their target markets' attention by focusing on stuff that makes them laugh and reminisce. Their images and graphics are super crisp, full of color, and fun.

Take advantage of hashtags (especially daily focused ones such as MCM, WCW, TBT, & TGIF!) Try to repost customers' images that they tag you in, and tag them back so that their friends see it on their feed.

And, as always, if you need help you know you can always email me.