Tutorial: How to Create Outlined Text in Photoshop

In celebration of Friday, let's break out of the norm, shall we? 

If you're stuck in a graphic rut, no fear! One of the most popular trends right now is a simple outlined text with a colorful drop to it, almost like a drop shadow! I work with retailers on a consistent basic, designing eye-catching graphics for their social media accounts & marketing materials - I always love the way an outlined text really POPS! 

Let's all do a #TGIF dance because today, I'm showing you how to achieve the look in less than a few seconds!! BOOM!

Isn't it pretty? I love the simplistic yet fun vibe it has! I mean, you KNOW I love some color! 

Step 1: Open Photoshop & Create a NEW file. If you're working on social media graphics, remember what your sizes are. We'll work with an Instagram size for this which is 1800 x 1800 pixels.

Step 2: Using your type tool & Bebas font (totes free too!) type your word or words out. 

Step 3: Duplicate that text layer. Drag it off to the side for a moment! We'll come back to it in step 6.

Step 4: Click the layer for that text & drag your fill to 0%. You'll be left with a white screen BUT, if you click your text layer, you'll easily find it! You're only making it invisible in this step, not erasing it - so no worries. The next step will help you so keep on keepin' on!

Step 5: Right click the layer for that text and click BLENDING OPTIONS. We'll choose STROKE and make it 2%. This is something you can definitely play with, whether you want the outline thicker or lighter. You can also change the opacity and color of the outline!

Step 6: Now, grab the duplicate layer and make it whichever color you'd like it to be, I love lowering the opacity a bit!

Step 7: Drag the colorful text layer underneath the outlined text layer. VOILA! 

Feel free to play around with it and find what works for you. I love a simple light black outline with a bold colorful shadow because it really lends to my brand.