Six Reasons to Choose Shopify

If you’ve ever spent a good bit of money on an item and instantly had buyer's remorse, you probably told yourself you’d never do that again - right? For some of us that buyer's remorse comes from purchasing something as small as a pair of jeans and for others it can come from something as large as a home. We’re human, we aren’t always able to see what we don’t need at first. It takes some trial and error to understand what made us feel that remorse.

Buyer's remorse doesn’t give way to your business, either. Over the last year alone, I’ve spoken with dozens of business owners who had, at first, thought they were doing the right thing by choosing their platform, only to realize a month post-launch that they had that same buyer's remorse.


Signing on with a talented designer or developer is anything but cheap, but for good reason. Deciding to join their team can be a huge decision for so many, and not just for monetary purposes. I know that, for my clients, the decision to conquer E-Commerce along with their brick & mortar holds many large questions. They may be able to afford the design, but do they personally have the time to put towards managing it? Do they have ample staff to help them? How will they worry about getting traffic to it? Is it worth it for them to add another sales channel to their pockets? Every business owner has to ask themselves the real questions before diving in to avoid buyer's remorse. 

Find yourself asking the same questions? That's so great - you should be. Taking your business online is a huge decision. But are you also doing your research on the platform you're choosing?

The truth is, if you aren't doing your research, you may find yourself feeling that buyer's remorse later. I’ve been designing on WordPress for almost ten years, on Squarespace for two, and Shopify for four. I’ve seen the disasters, the mishaps, the “why did I do that” moments. I admire all platforms, but know that each has it's own purpose.

If you’re intending on selling a physical product, you need Shopify above all others. And today, I’m going to tell you EXACTLY why I’ve fallen in love with the platform. 

  • why I love Shopify
  • 1: It’s simple to manage & affordable: Shopify is hands-down one of the easiest platforms to manage, without any experience whatsoever. Before I launch a client's website, we have a few training sessions to ensure they're comfortable & they always come to me post-launch and tell me how much they love Shopify & how simple it is. My client, Stacy, actually told me that her husband caught her talking about variants & product names inher sleep - so I guess you could say it's so simple, you can manage it in your sleep, right? haha! You can handle everything from adding the product to shipping it out, right there from your dashboard or iPhone. They're also very affordable, with their introductory plan beginning at $29 per month. 

    2: They offer applications that provide solutions: Worried about managing low inventory levels? Worried about losing customers on exit? Need a wholesale area? Shopify offers so many applications that help to solve any issue you could be facing with your everyday systems. They're easy to install, with just one click, and easy to manage. Actually, most of them only need installation and, after that, you will never need to worry with them again. 

    3: They sync through all platforms: If you have a brick and mortar or plan on having one in the future along with your Shopify site, no worries! Shopify offers a full Point of Sale System to help you manage both seamlessly together. Hosting a popup shop or trunk show? You'll receive a free card reader to plug into your iPhone or iPad that allows you to process orders right there through the Shopify POS app. Your orders seamlessly sync right to your account & you're able to continue building your email list this way as well by collecting your customer's email address in-person (hello, 10% off thank you email!)

    4: Their customer service is top-notch: I've been both a customer of Shopify's and now a partner so I've had quite a few phone calls with the Shopify team. They're quick to help assist you and, if they can't find the issue, they'll push your issue to the top of their list to get back with you quickly & effortlessly. They send you a full report of your conversation & continue to follow up with you afterwards. They also send out newsletters that are full of amazing tips!

    6: Their dashboard is minimalistic & easy to navigate: Shopify updated quite a bit of their dashboard in 2017 and I won't lie - I wasn't crazy about it at first. But, after spending a few weeks working with the new look, I fell in love with it. They've updated the areas that were harder for their clients to understand. They've made setting up the business aspects of your storefront more step-by-step than a "where do I go" situation. It's easy & so simple to navigate! 

    I could go on and on about how amazing Shopify is because I've been both the Shopify customer and the Shopify partner. But, deciding the right platform will be an absolutely personal decision and will depend on your needs. I'd love to hear about your experience in the comments.

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