why you should use shopify *Disclaimer: this post is in no way sponsored by Shopify. All opinions are my own.

When I first began my clothing store, I researched so many different outlets I thought I was going crazy! There really are so many to choose from and I honestly could've sat at the computer for months signing up for each of them, designing my store, and then comparing them to another site. Lord, that would've been ridiculous.

Once I found Shopify, I was a little skeptic. I didn't know how to use it because I had never used the Shopify interface but after signing up, I was hooked. The design process is fairly simplistic and the free trial isn't too shabby, either. Plus, I get really irritated when you have to "request a quote" so I was really happy to see how they completely laid it all out there right off the front page (thanks, guys!) After using it for well over a year, I thought I'd share my favorite features of this bad boy!

1. The price.

I pay $29 per month for my shop. WHAT?! Yes, $29 per month & I'll throw that out there because I am not trying to keep that a secret one bit! Now, keep in mind I use free apps but if you do decide to grab pricey apps, those will be tacked on to your monthly bill. To start, you get a free 14 day trial with NO credit card up front - THANK YOU JESUS, hate that because I always forget to cancel.

  • $9 per month version
    • You can check people out on your iPhone or iPad, Facebook, & you even get a Shopify Buy button. The Buy Button is easily implementable on blogs & such!
    • You do not get an online store with this option; however, it's a GREAT option for those of you who work pop-ups & other holiday shows without having an online store.
    • You get your first swiper for free - easily plugged into your iPhone & iPad!
  • $29 per month version
    • You get it all, girl! Well, minus gift cards but there are ways around that.
    • Online Store
    • You're able to share all products via Twitter, Facebook, & Pinterest.
    • You'll get shipping labels up to 50% off!
      • Downside: no abandoned cart recovery - you'll have to manually send an email. No gifts cards, no professional reports.
  • $79 per month version
    • You get it all PLUS gift cards!
    • Lower credit card rates
    • You'll get shipping labels up to 55% off!
    • Automatic Abandoned Cart Recovery
    • Professional Reports (great for taxes!)
  • $179 per month version
    • You get literally EVERYTHING. But this option, honestly, isn't worth it if you're just starting out.

2. The apps.

Oh my gosh, the apps. They're fantastic! Using the apps by themselves, I've been able to add a ton of different options to my site including a chat box (which upped customer service a ton!), shipping label creator, SEO optimizer, image optimizer, Pinterest & Facebook integrators, Wanelo storefront (we will most certainly be discussing this later!), gift options, the list goes on and on. For the person who doesn't like having to pay extra for apps, this is a keeper! I found so many free apps that have been great. Plus, if you do sign up for an app that costs moolah, they'll usually give you a free trial meaning if you delete the app..YES, just delete - no calling, no emailing - if you delete the app within a certain amount of days, they won't ever change you, no hassle.

3. The themes.

If you've ever had a blog on wordpress & struggled to find the right free theme, you know where I'm coming from. Free themes are hard to come by, especially ones that look nice and user-friendly. My entire theme was free (you can see it here, www.shop12east.com) although I did do a lot of tweaking and background work with HTML & those little photos that are actually banners weren't there to begin with. But, I LOVE IT. Also, you can save a ton of themes you've designed without publishing them so if you're ever wanting a fresher look, you can just click one button and the whole site is brand new. Pretty cool, huh?

4. Their retail packages.

Now this is going to gear towards physical locations but this is why I love it. Say you have a physical location but you don't want to have an online store. You do, however, ship orders you make on social media and nothing is more of a pain than typing in every single address on USPS.com AMIRIGHT?! So, with the retail package you pay an extra $40 a month on top of whichever package you got. It requires the Shopify POS & an iPad - the entire POS kit is around $800 but sometimes it does go on sale. Now, with POS this actually isn't that bad considering how easy it is to train employees on Shopify versus other POS systems I've worked with in the past. The package includes a cash drawer, barcode printer, barcode scanner, & an iPad stand. If you post something on Instagram, you can have customers leave their email & size and you can send them a link to checkout from your account. When they purchase, you'll get a desktop notification and be able to buy their label..right there..one click..on discount..and print it..right there..through USPS. NO USPS.COM!! Whew. Then, of course just schedule USPS to pick it up the next day. The item is automatically taken out of inventory when the customer completes their purchase (it is synced up with your physical location's inventory) customer receives an email with shipment info & there's no extra work to be done.

  • You get individual employee logins so you can track their sales and hours.
  • You're able to upload your entire inventory onto the online site even if you aren't selling directly off the site.
  • You can print barcode for your tags.
  • #1 Customer Service in the history of ever. You're even able to chat with them so if you're checking out a customer and some issue happens, just click a little button and let them know and they'll get right on the issue without you ever having to fret.

Now get this...here is my ALL TIME FAVORITE REASON TO HAVE SHOPIFY!!!! You know how on Black Friday & Christmas time it's incredibly busy and the registers are insaneelllllyyyy backed up? You can plug that handy dandy little POS you'll be getting for free into one of your employees (or your) iPhones, log into the Shopify POS app, and have them checkout super quick from their phone. The customers can still use any payment method and it saves so much trouble. I honestly would have the extra hands asking customers who have smaller items if they would like to check out quicker (I say smaller because you'd have to find a place for them to stand and fold and bag a ton of items, unless you've figured that out you smart thing you!) I've found customers are totally shocked when they see this and are actually super impressed! I'm all about fantastic customer service.

All in all, I'd say it's worth it to get Shopify! If you get any other POS system for your physical location, you don't get even a fourth of the options you get with them.

What POS do you use? I'd love to hear!


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