When I first started my design studio, I went for completely bright colors including hot pink, a bold deep purple, and turquoise. The colors in my original design fit me, but not in this stage of my life. Those brighter colors were more fitted for a pre-mom version of myself. These days, I do love bright colors but I tend to be more attracted to lighter shades of pink and neutrals because they go with everything and are much more visually appealing to both men & women.

My second go around rebranding, I decided to lose the pink and gold because I felt it was too feminine. The point I was missing was that I was hiding my true personality behind a branding that did not match what I truly loved. Therefore, I decided to go for my final rebranding and truly design my brand around what I love: feminine aspects, lighter feminine colors, and metallics.

When you own your own business, it's so difficult to not feel pressured to be someone you aren't. I continuously have to remind myself that my clients enjoy working with me because of who I am, not who I can try to be. I truly know that my brand represents Kaitlin to a "t" as a wife, mom, and extremely passionate creative entrepreneur.