I recently had someone ask "What is it like to work with you?" I find that question to be SO powerful in so many ways. You can expect three things when you work with me: a timely response, a professional manner, and a dang fun person to work with. Oh, and I really love my job so you can except me to give it all I've got. I enjoy creating relationships with my clients. You can expect what you should always expect out of anyone that you're trusting with your business: trust and respect.


You can submit an inquiry by filling out this form. From there, I'll be able to better know exactly what you're looking for in terms of design + branding and we can discuss options for various packages. If what you're wanting to ask isn't being offered on that page, feel free to contact me at Kaitlin.LoveKait@gmail.com with the subject INQUIRY and we can chat! 


I book 2-3 months in advance and, since I like to give each client an adequate and appropriate amount of my attention I don't like to overbook. I like for things to be perfect, ya know? I highly suggest booking your web design or branding package as soon as you can. If you're wanting to look into the future, I'd be happy to put you in the books. From there, you will send me a deposit for 1/2 of the project price. At this time, I'll email you a Branding Questionnaire to email back to me & I'll ask you to create a super secret Pinterest board and share it with me (@KaitlinLoveKait) so that I can see what you like! You'll pin the following: 2-3 logos you love, 2-3 of your favorite color schemes & fonts, and any other websites or details you're absolutely obsessed with! This will be able to tell me what you're really into so that I can deliver the design of your dreams. At this time, you'll need to purchase a domain for any website services needed. SQUARESPACE CLIENTS:  Please purchase your membership with Squarespace before the project begins and provide me with login information. I ask that Shopify clients do not begin a membership until the project has been completed. 


Once we're ready to begin, I'll gather everything you've sent me and begin creating (my favorite part!) I'll create an entire board that includes your color palette, fonts that will be used within your website and in your logo, your primary & secondary logo + a favicon, and additional images that'll really give you an idea of what the overall theme will be like. The moodboard helps you stay on-brand when posting to social media, creating newsletters & advertisements, and updating your website. You'd be surprised what a few images can say and we really want your customers to recognize your brand anywhere! 


After we've finished with the logo + color palette, we'll move onto the really exciting part: designing your website! Depending on the needs of your business, this can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks. I go step by step, sending you screen shots + ideas along the way so that we can create something we're both insanely proud of (and want to show off a little!) 


After I've successfully finished each page, I'll send you the login to the website to see if there is anything you'd like to change. I accept up to four design revisions for your site. Once you approve the overall finished product, we'll get ready to launch! 


Once we've finished step five, we'll get a launch date set in stone and I'll make sure you're ready to go & prepared for the excitement of a new venture! At this time, I assist you through any issues you may have regarding the physical site should you need it. After the launch & approval of the website, our contract will end and I will be available for site updates on an hourly basis should you need anything updated in the future. Upon the farewell, I will send you a video walking you through your site with any information or answers to questions that could help you out. 

If you already have a domain & hosting provider, I'll need that information upon the booking of your design. Sometimes, redirecting your domain can take 24-72 hours so if we're switching to a new platform, we'll need to handle that as soon as possible. If you have not purchased a domain or hosting, I highly suggest IPage.  I've worked with them for years & they've always been super helpful. Want a brand spanking new domain name? No worries - I LOVE being a part of that process. We'll throw out some really amazing terms + names and snatch one up that you can't live without. Before the launch of your new website, I'll send you a personalized video that walks you through the basic steps of running your site! SQUARESPACE CLIENTS: I ask that you please purchase your membership before we begin our project and provide me with the login information.

Being that Shopify is an E-Commerce platform, it is available for RETAILERS ONLY. Please note, I do not directly copy other business & boutique's ideas or practices. Depending on the layout that fits your needs, I offer completely customized graphics for your collections, (2) headers, & any random graphics I may wish to include on your frontpage. If you have professional images you'd like me to use, I'd be more than happy to include those in the graphics. I do not currently offer the Shopify + Wordpress installation & I highly suggest starting at their $29 per month package to see what works best for YOU! Before the launch date of your website, I'll send you a video that walks you through the steps of running your store! Please note that once your site has launched, I am available to offer assistance on an hourly basis. Updates are not included in our beginning agreement. 

SHOPIFY CLIENTS: I ask that you do not begin your Shopify membership until the website design has been approved. I design on my developer platform and transfer to you once completed. If this is a redesign and you already have a membership, login details will need to be provided in order for me to transfer your design.